Para bellum 10

In Issue X:

- X MAS -

A solitaire game by Marco Campari about the Italian raid of X MAS against the English Naval bases in the Mediterranean. It can be played solitaire or by two players, with each player controlling one of the attacking units, Barchini and SLC. The game includes 2 full color double-sided A3 map, 108 counters, 1 game table and a rulebook (included in the magazine).

In Issue XI:

- Volturno 1860 -

A game of Sergio Schiavi about the battle of Volturno. After the success of Radetzky's March the author uses the same system to simulate the last battle of the army of the Regno delle Due Sicilie. Volturno 1860 includes a full color A2 mapsheet, 108 5/8" Counters, 1 game table and the rulebook (included in the magazine).

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Para bellum 12

In Issue XII:

- Inferno sull'Isonzo, Bainsizza 1917 -

Inferno sull’Isonzo is a simulation about the Eleventh Battle of the Isonzo, a World War I battle fought by the Italian and Austro-Hungarian Armies on the Italian Front between 18 August and 12 September. The main effort was exerted on the Bainsizza Plateau. A game of Andrea Brusati with the same system of Inferno sugli Altipiani (Para Bellum I).

In the following issues:

- Armee-Abteilung "Hollidt", Operacija Malyj Saturn II -

- Forradalom 1848-49, La rivoluzione ungherese -


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