In Issue XII:

- I Comuni italiani contro
Federico Barbarossa -

Frederick Barbarossa (he was named Barbarossa by the northern Italian cities; Barbarossa means "red beard" in Italian) was elected King of Germany and crowned in Aachen on 9 March 1152. He was crowned King of Italy on 24 April 1155 in Pavia and Emperor by Pope Adrian IV on 18 June 1155 in Rome. Eager to restore the rights of the Empire, Frederick undertook six expeditions into Italy in an attempt to subjugate the rebel Comuni, later united in the Lega Lombarda. The game simulates some of the emperor's expeditions to Italy.

Para bellum 12
Para bellum 13

In Issue XIII:

- La squadriglia degli assi -

The game depicts all kinds of air mission during World War I: from fighting to recon, from bombing to trench strafing and so on. The counters depict every model of airplane that saw operative service on the Italian front between 1915 to 1918, even if in a few exemplars.

In the following issues:

- Volturno 1860 -

- Le brave des braves, Montebello 1800 -

- Tra Asburgo e Borbone, Campo Santo 1743 -


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